Linden Valley 2021


Touch the Earth



We invite you to the tenth retreat in the tradition of Plum Village organized in Poland.

It will take place from 1-5 September (Thursday around 4 pm - Monday around 2 pm) in Lipowa Dolina. This year, we have decided to meet in Lipowa Dolina only live - thus giving up the hybrid option. (We want to compare the experience of the live and hybrid options in order to make an informed choice next year).

It will be led, as in previous years, by a teacher from the UK, Murray Corke; he will talk about the Diamond Sutra and how it is connected to our Earth, its climate, its life.

Murray describes it this way:

The Diamond Sutra sets out to free us from four common notions (self, person, living being, life span) which lead to suffering. We will explore how these notions lead to our sense of separation from the Earth, resulting in the current climate and ecological crises. Freeing ourselves from these notions helps us to reconnect with the Earth, to find answers to climate change and environmental degradation, and leading to a simpler and happier way of life.

 We warmly invite you

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